Better hands tied as the will: Grenzlandbühne Leopoldschlag | Austria


Franz Jägerstätter is an Austrian farmer in the Second World War. Being brave and resolute he refuses military service for national socialists – knowing the possible fatal consequences. The rural society reacts differently: His decision causes secret admiration but also misunderstanding.

Grenzlandbühne has been existing since 1998 in its current form. The summer theatre days in Upper Austria are the child for the lay theatre group. They have been participating in this event for 17 years – through this cultural event the actors became popular across the borders of the province. The aim of the group is to offer a demanding popular theatre in its original sense – according to the motto “from the region, for the region“.

Persons: 11 | Age: 28-79 | Duration: 120

Friday June 17 2016 | 02:00 p.m. Schoppernau | Franz-Michael-Felder Saal