First Group: WAMCO – West Austrian Musical Company | Austria


The daily trot controls a young woman. By meeting another person she gets access to a very different world. She enters a world in which she finds parts of her soul of which she has thought that she had lost them a long time ago. The young woman starts a journey through the new world which still remains connected to reality: She finds these parts of her soul again which she has missed – vitality, love and trust.

WAMCO – West Austrian Musical Company – was founded as a school project 30 years ago and is a fixed component of the theatre landscape in Vorarlberg. There are 25 adolescents who are involved in this musical club – a showcase project of committed youth work and youth participation – from all regions of Vorarlberg. The actors and singers have already produced 50 professional musicals.

Persons: 25 | Age: 13-45 | Duration: 30

Thursday June 16 2016 | 07:00 p.m. Bezau | Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen