Last but not least: The wild Bunch | Germany

Request Stop, Herold Pinter

A woman is waiting for the bus at a bus station in London. Other people join her – a man, a business woman, a boxer, a singer, a child and a gentleman. After a failed approach of the woman to communicate with the others – based on the attempt to protect privacy – the strangers finally enter into conversation: They show emotions, fear and longing.

The Berlin theatre group “The Wild Bunch“ (German: “Der wilde Haufen“) has been existing since 1980. The young members of the ensemble are active in various productions besides being part of “The Wild Bunch“. The style of the group is special: The theatre artists – about 25 people – stand back from spoken words and seek for motion, music and body language. “The Wild Bunch“ has already been performing in several countries of Europe, South America and Canada.

Persons: 11 | Age: 25-48 | Duration: 75

Saturday June 18 2016 | 05:00 p.m. Hittisau | Ritter-von-Bergmann Saal