Strawanz and dance with Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra


A pacifist cobblestone hail of feelings kindles the fire of hope!

It’s a kind of reggae ska Balkan dub open source project. Every creature on earth is invited to spread the message of SSTO with clenched fists and burning hearts to the winds. The first percussive drumbeats of the orchestra are accompanied by a ukulele, accordion, a bass and electric guitar, a clarinet, a saxophone and a trumpet.

There is nothing to say about the cast of the orchestra – there is no!

But the founding fathers following gentlemen are:

Christoph Kutzer – ukulele, vocals
Hanno Ölz – accordion, hammond, piano
Thomas Hämmerle – saxophone, clarinet
Andreas Grabher – bass
Joseph Baptiste – guitar and trumpet
Sam Kaufmann – drums
wp_Strickner – guitar, vocals, percussion


Friday June 17 2016 | 10:15 p.m. Bezau | Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen