We proudly present: Cheers to Sarajevo | South Africa

Cheers to Sarajevo

Photojournalist Peter has lost his team. In order to find back to them again, he crosses the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. In doing so, he takes pictures of Mirela and Aleksander, a couple whose love is secret. With the picture taken he blackmails Mirela to show him the right way back. Suddenly the three find themselves in the middle of the Civil War in Sarajevo. Serbian nationalism faces Bosnian culture and coincides with the basic form of all human interaction – love.

The members of “Cheers to Sarajevo“ bring along different life stories. However, one thing unites them: The passion for art and the desire to be able to live their passion creatively. The young artists see (theatre) art as an “instrument” which is able to educate, entertain and strengthen society.

Persons: 8 | Age: 24-32 | Duration: 90

Friday June 17 2016 | 09:00 a.m. Bezau | Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen