Seniors theater meets children’s theater: Theater of Generations | Hungary

Bastien und Bastienne

The sheperdess Bastienne visits the fortune-teller of the village, Colas. She asks him for advice as she fears that her boyfriend Bastien is attracted to another woman. Bastien also visits the fortune-teller and informs him that he wants to ask for Bastienne’s hand. Colas, however, lies at him and tells him that Bastienne loves another man. In his desperation Bastien is thinking of suicide.

The senior theatre TARKA SZINPAD joined up with the children’s theatre COMMEDIA 2000. They established the play together and it could be seen for the first time in 2015. Already in 2013 the creative children and adolescents participated in the theatre festival FOCUS.

Persons: 10 | Age: 9-70 | Duration: 60

Friday June 17 2016 | 11:00 a.m. Bizau | Gebhard-Wölfle-Saal