With rhythm and lyricism: ADJAP Group | Cameroons

Cry of the Forest/Le Crie de la Forêt

The songs – sung and theatrically performed by the ADJAP Group – deal with the cultural differences of the tribes in Africa. With the aid of rhythm and poetry the five women ask themselves questions on the extensively varying identity, the secret of life and humanity. The message which is being carried through all songs, is dynamics and faith – characteristics which they see as the true “art“ in Cameroon.

The ADJAP Group consists of women of the whole Cameroon, accompanied by a director and a designer. They create a show with a drum set, traditional African instruments and a dance. This show is based on the interaction of creativity and free ideas. They aim at bringing closer the African way of life to people of different cultural environment. They create a very special access with their music and dance.

Persons: 8 | Age: 29-36 | Duration: 50

Saturday June 18 2016 | 08:00 p.m. Bezau | Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen